About us

The Aimar Found­a­tion was founded to help small to medium sized char­ities achieve their aspir­a­tions through effi­cient imple­ment­a­tion, applic­a­tion and util­iz­a­tion of technology.

The Found­a­tion recog­nizes that emer­ging organ­iz­a­tions require net­works, email and remote access, data storage and IT sup­port. We aim to provide access to the latest tech­no­logy in order to help aspiring char­ities build long-​term capa­city by providing tech­no­logy infra­struc­ture and sup­port. The goal is to enable these char­ities to make a “step change” dif­fer­ence in their cur­rent oper­ating plans.