Apply for help

The Aimar Foundation is looking to work with small to medium sized charities who are struging to full-fill their ambitions.  If you or an organisation you know are finding it difficult to acheive your goals and are struggling with your technology, we would love to hear from you.

The process

1: A charity applies to The Aimar Foundation for IT assistance.

2: The Aimar Foundation assesses the charity and its requirements.

3: The Aimar Foundation purchases IT systems at cost and, using its own volunteers, installs the systems, briefs the client charity and, where necessary carries out basic training.

4: After 18–24 months, the client charity is expected to have gained sufficient expertise to operate without The Aimar Foundation’s on-call assistance.

5: The client charity fully supports its own IT environment.

We use the following questions as a guide when selecting candidates:

  • Name of your charity organisation?
  • Goals and objectives of your charity?
  • Why do you think you should receive help from The Aimar Foundation?
  • What do you expect to achieve with The Foundation’s help?
  • How would you use the technology solution once implemented?
  • How are organized? i.e. Number of staff, current annual income, charity registration details?
  • What do you intend to contribute from your own resources (financial and/or other resources)?
  • Have you undertaken any similar projects before? Do you have a Project Team?

Please provide the following information when applying:

  • Latest Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • Articles and Memorandum
  • Business Plan
  • Website
  • References (If available)

Please send us the following:

Download the application form or contact us directly for more information or if you wish to apply for help