Over the years, we have worked with a number of organizations and have been inspired by their feedback.  Below is a selection of comments we have received.

“Overall The Aimar Foundation’s assistance created a step-jump in performance to the extent that only five years on, the charity is set to achieve a 500% increase in output of its highly trained dogs, thus transforming more lives.  We are enormously grateful to the Aimar Foundation.”
Terry Knott, CEO, Canine Partners

“The Aimar Foundation has enabled St. Mungo’s to quickly establish an IT infrastructure at temporary shelters used to house the vulnerable stuck on streets in the severe weather. The flexibility and commitment of their volunteers has meant that admissions, move-on and information has been available in real time. This has allowed us to communicate via internet, email, fax and phone and  to try to make this first step off the street a more permanent one for those in real peril in London when the weather is freezing.”
Mike McCall, Executive Director of Operation

“The Aimar Foundation has ‘walked on water’ and produced resources we could only dream about. Linking facilities right across London, at the most demanding time of the year, the Foundation has produced its own Christmas present, for the homeless and destitute.”
Mick Bateman, Head of Crisis at Christmas

“The Aimar Foundation has equipped the SS Robin with its own exciting and innovative networked IT system, enabling the Trust to programme and deliver its development objectives, as well as manage its governance, administration and financial reporting with a skeleton staff of volunteers, fundraisers and supporters to an extent never previously experienced or achieved. The charity’s recent success in delivering a £3m capital restoration programme is entirely dependent on a fast, reliable and supported IT system. In the past 4 years, we have made enormous strides in our ability to build capacity such as this within the Trust as a direct result of the Aimar Foundation’s support.”
David Kampfner, Project Director, SS ROBIN

“In 2006, the Shannon Trust became a hostage of its own success. Rapid growth resulted in our administrative and operational support systems becoming increasing unable to cope, we were in danger of undoing much of our previous good work. The Aimar Foundation has provided us with essential tools that have helped us to restructure the company and position ourselves to manage further growth. In the last year we have seen a 30% increase in the uptake of the ‘Toe by Toe’ Reading Plan in prisons. Much of this is thanks to our more structured and organised approach: growing the programme and meeting demand. The Aimar Foundation has made a most significant contribution to enabling us to deliver a rapidly expanding service that is central to changing the lives of prisoners.”
David Ahern, CEO